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15 Responses to Celebrex No Rx

  1. Aymeric says:

    Beautiful. I’m almost regretting to own them all already…
    (except ‘the hood tapes’)

  2. oyunlar1 says:

    any chance of a vinyl reissue??? oyunlar1

  3. the Cather In The Rye says:


    As I have these lovely albums already (like most Hood fans), how do I go about obtaining the extra CD of unreleased tracks? I would like to support you by purchasing this separately.

    Would also love to see vinyl reissues.

    • richard says:

      hmmm…. domino don’t want to release the bonus stuff seperately (even as download) as they want to encourage physical sales. maybe long term having them available as download is the way around it but no plans as yet.. no vinyl at the moment although ‘cold house’ is getting the deluxe 2x lp treatment next spring.

      • Hey Richard – hope you’re not too annoyed; I wanted to ask a similar question:

        I am also a huge Hood fan who already owns all of these albums. I’m definitely on the edge about this release, both for the unreleased tracks on the Hood tapes CD and for the booklet of essays. Is it worth the £50 for those alone, do you think? Might there be any chance to send you money (paypal?) just for the booklet?

        Thanks so much for everything you do,

        • richard says:

          Hi Morgan
          I know its unfair if you already own all the stuff but it comes as a box only. Its a lot of money, I know, so we understand if folks can’t afford it. It would be also unfair though
          on those that bought the set if we started seperating it out. And in any case we can’t as its Domino’s thing and they make the rules. All i’ll say is that an incredible amount of work has gone into it, all albums remastered, 9 or so brand new tracks- never heard by anyone, the EP’s and HOOD TAPES are both nearly 80 minutes long. The booklet is really extensive, haven’t seen the finished thing yet but the prototype looked good.

          thabks for supporting us – its appreciated


          • Morgan says:

            Hi Richard,

            Thanks so much for writing back. I thought about it, and of course I’m going to be getting this. Even though I’m convinced that the extra tracks and the booklet will be fantastic and absolutely worth it, it’s even more important to me to support you guys (so that you can keep on making that brilliant, sorrowful music and sharing it with all of us melancholics out there). Hood has been my favorite band for so many years – can’t believe I almost slept on this.


  4. james says:

    looks fantastic, will have to give it some thought…

    weird question, but is any of the other hood rarities going to see the light of day? i remember the old site had a load of mp3s of weird stuff like the peel session and the early cassettes, but since the site’s gone down i’ve never been able to find replacements and would love to hear them again…


    • richard says:

      hmm – prob not as official release but its one of my long time goals in life to get a lot of that stuff back up on the site. give me 10 years or so 😉

  5. Rob Strong says:

    I’ll hold my hands up and say that I held off ordering the box set (for the reasons cited by several folks, that I already own everything except the Hood Tapes disc) until a friend of mine who’d bought the box was kind enough to pass on some listening. First run through and I’ve just placed my order.

  6. nie.spokoj says:

    mine arrived few days ago. Love it.

  7. Marco says:


    I’ve discovered Hood very recently. I was trying to order Hood “Recollected” box set but it seems it’s unavailable. Is there any plan to reissue it?

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