Who is Hood?

A Leeds (formerly Wetherby), UK based band formed in December 1990. We have released 9 albums and 17 singles since the early 90s on a variety of labels

The band is currently on a long term hiatus, but members are all working on their own bands (more later).

Why? No-one seems to be able to come up with a reason for the bands existence. 'Small town boredom' is the usual reason given.

Why Hood? Again no explanation has been given for the name. Members of the band tend to become twitchy in interview if the question ever comes up.

What does Hood sound like? Not an easy one to answer - the band defies categorization, often switching sounds/styles at the drop of a hat. But to help you out they have been compared in the past to some or all of the following artists: Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Talk Talk, The Fall, Radiohead, Bark Psychosis, Disco Inferno, The Go-Betweens, The Chills, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, The Notwist, New Order, dntel, Take That, The Smiths, This Kind of Punishment, Bedhead, Crabstick, Flying Saucer Attack, Jandek, Movietone, A.R. Kane, Seefeel, Boyracer and SND.

I want to buy a Hood record. Where should I start? The albums are very varied and so quite often one album won't give you an impression of their variety of sound. Cold House is the most critically praised and most successful. Compilations 1995-2002 contains the most wide variety of sound and is a good 'sampler' for the beginner. the general rules are as follows:

  • Cabled Linear Traction (1994)
  • Silent 88 (1996)
  • Structured Disasters (1996)

Lo fidelity avant pop, lots of short to mid length songs - wild experimental production. Hints of Pavement, New Zealand bands and Aphex Twin. Structured Disasters is a compilation of singles and rare tracks.

  • Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys (1997)
  • The Cycle of Days and Seasons (1999)

Longer, drawn out songs. pastoral, nearly instrumental. often compared to Talk Talk, Bark Psychosis and Mogwai. Both were produced or co-produced by Matt Elliot of Third Eye Foundation.

  • Home is Where it Hurts (2001)
  • Cold House (2001)

Shorter songs - much more electronic sounding, better production, still experimental but with more pop moments. Cold House delves into hip hop territories and features Dose One and Why? from US rapper cLOUDDEAD. Home is Where it Hurts is a mini lp.

  • Singles Compiled (2003)
  • Compilations 1995-2002 (2003)

Simulataneously released round ups of the bands unavailable work. Singles Compiled is older noisier scratchy material and shows the bands development. Compilations 1995-2002 is the more settled collection although the music veers wildly it is more like a studio album. it shows off a lot of excellent Rustic/Cycle era songs.

  • Outside Closer (2005)

The latest album is brighter and bolder than Cold House but often with a warmer, more pastoral organic feel. The electronics are more subtle and the album is generally more song based, with lots of strings and natural tones. A few tracks delve back into the looser feel of the mid period albums though the singles are resolutely concise and upbeat. The album was sandwiched by two EPs, The Lost You and The Negatives both of which contain essential non-album b-sides.

Where can I get lyrics? The harsh truth is that you can't. The band prefers to keep its lyrics under wraps and there's no sign of this changing anytime soon though if you search the forums hard enough you can find fans interpretations.

Where can I buy the records? The Domino Records albums (Rustic Houses onwards) should be widely available - any record store should have them or be able to order them although The Cycle of Days and Seasons didn't get a US release. They do, however, tend to drift in and out of print and vinyl is difficult to track these days. The other releases can be more difficult. Norman Records is always a good place to start.

Does Hood play live? Yes, but not much. About 10-20 shows a year until 2005 but nothing since.

What are Hood up to now? Taking an extended break. Therefore, Chris Adams has put albums out on Anticon under the 'Bracken' moniker, Gareth S Brown has released two solo cds on Misplaced Music and Richard Adams is working on a project called The Declining Winter, which has yielded two albums to date. Late period member Mark Wright performs and records as Maggie8.

Who is in the band? Well, it kept on changing. Founding members Richard and Christopher Adams are the only permanent fixtures, past members include include Stephen Royle, Mark Wright Gareth S. Brown, Matt Robson, John Clyde Evans, Ross Parfitt, Andrew Johnson, Craig Tattersall, Matthew Allison, Laura Bridge, Stewart Anderson and Ruth Anderson. Then there's the collaborators - Dose and Why (cLOUDDEAD), Matt Elliot (Third Eye Foundation), Nicola Hodgkinson (Empress), Sarah McWatt (McWatt), Richard Formby (Spectrum) to name just a few.

Side projects? Yep loads. Hood members have been active in a slew of bands including - Downpour, Famous Boyfriend, Cosine, Mike Nichols and His Excellency, Halkyn, The Unpleasants and John Clyde Evans. Former members exist in the following bands - Boyracer, Remote Viewer, Random Number and Kicker. Since the 2005 hiatus Hood members have been active in the following bands: Bracken, Gareth S. Brown, The Declining Winter and Maggie 8.

The band has also been involved to some degree in running labels (555, Misplaced Music, Home Assembly Music, Ears Hoping), fanzines (Open Your Eyes, Brainchild) and club nights (Echolalia, Freedom Sounds in Pub).

There's a problem with the website. Whom should I contact? [email protected].

Can I contact the band? Yes, email is the best medium: [email protected].

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