The Declining Winter “Home For Lost Souls” digital versions & new video

The digital versions of the new The Declining Winter album 'Home For Lost Souls' and its accompanying EP 'The Waning Mill Chronicles' are now available to pre-order at Bandcamp BUY: Home For Lost Souls: BUY: The Waning Mill Chronicles: ...and here's the second video from 'Home For Lost Souls'.....the title track
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The Declining Winter “Home For Lost Souls” ALBUM SAMPLER

Buy the limited vinyl edition here
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The Declining Winter ‘Home For Lost Souls’ PRE-ORDER details

Richard releases his third full length record under his The Declining Winter moniker on March 23rd. 'Home For Lost Souls' now available to PRE-ORDER on the Home Assembly Music site. It comes as a limited vinyl release of 250 copies including download code for the whole album plus a bonus EP 'The Waning Mill Chronicles'. PRE-ORDER your copy from Norman Records LISTEN to soundclips. WATCH video below.....
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End of year stuff/ happy christmas

Wishing allcar our followers a very happy christmas and new year. This site is mainly now used to promote the various projects of former Hood members, we've received a lot of lovely messages recently about Hood and we're so pleased that so many people remember the band fondly. At the moment we're pushing forward with new projects and we've listed everything that has come out this year below. We've made a songdrop mix of tracks off each of these projects and we hope you will check it out. Many thanks for your continued support. This years projects...... The Declining Winter 'Lost Songs' cassette/cd/download            buy download A New Line (Related) 's/t' LP/'A Roomful of Lovers' 7"                buy Memory Drawings 'There Is No Perfect Place' CD/'Captivated EP' download   buy Great Panoptique Winter 'Wildness' download                               buy Downpour 'Remember When It Was All About the Drums?' download               buy Bracken 'Exist/Resist'cassette/lp                                                        buy download The Humblebee 'Snowflake' lp
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Memory Drawings ‘Captivated’

cOVER3Memory Drawings release a digital only EP 'Captivated' on December 1st. This contains two reworked songs from their 'There Is No Perfect Place' album and a brand new track 'Captivated'. Available to download from the usual outlets or from Memory Drawings Bandcamp page Below is the video for 'Captivated'
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Bracken ‘Exist/Resist’

1495801902741_874385392579637_1596524189809716089_n STOP PRESS: Norman Records ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Vinyl edition available from HERE Proudly presented rain-soaked VHS memories found in a drainage sluice. By way of Leeds, Hood co-founder Chris Adams delivers the first Bracken material since 2007. Download or tape - buy here  Listen to clips here  Youtube still vid here   
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Great Panoptique Winter

Richard's 2011 album with Jason Sweeney (Panoptique Electrical/Pretty Boy Crossover) is now available as a download only release. A remote collaboration across continents, Jason and friends did the music, Richard sang. Listen or download from Bandcamp
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coming soon…..

details to follow149580
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Do You Remember When It Was All About The Drums? UPDATED

Many years ago some of you may remember that Chris released two EP's of, let's say....."difficult"......drum and bass on the mighty, but now defunct, Drop Beat records. Under the name 'downpour'? No? Fair enough, it was a long time ago. Fast forward 15 years and he's back in the game. Check out a brand new EP at the Bandcamp page below. 4 tracks in all - will cost you £3.
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Memory Drawings PRE-ORDER details

You can now pre-order the Memory Drawings album 'There Is No Perfect Place' (featuring Hood's Richard Adams and Gareth Brown) from the following places:- Hibernate Shop Norman Records The first 200 come with a bonus CD of remixes from the likes of Beniot Pioulard, Talvihorros, The Sly and Unseen, A New Line (Related) and more....... Here is their video of the track 'The Island of the Day Before'
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