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  1. Hugh says:

    Hi guys. What a nice surprise to find you are still there and making music. I’m listening (still) to Diesel Pioneers as I write. Brought lots of your stuff years ago and it still bears scrutiny. When I have some time I will try and catch up with what you have been making and try and get to see you. Cafe Oto / Missed…
    I am still intrigued by the lyrics from ‘The Leaves Grow Old And Fall And Die’.
    there is something deeply traumatic buried in there and I have often wondered what experience you were writing from… I’m a visual artist not a musician but there has always been something very painterly about the way you work….
    Best regards and hope to speak again. Hugh

    • richard says:

      Hi, thanks for making contact. Yes we’re still out there in a few different guises. Thanks for your kind words & glad the music still bears up. I have no idea what inspired that track but its one of my favourites too. thanks Richard/hood

  2. Nico says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m really happy to discover you don’t surrender.
    Your music is like a nest in these strange times.
    Always a pleasure to hear you
    Keep on playin’.
    Some of us need you

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